Building, Strengthening & Edifying


This site is dedicated to a dream, a hope, and a vision of the future. Conceived eight years ago by a nudging to put action to some floating ideas pulled from the atmosphere.


Do you want change?

Do you want to really know what life is about?

Do you need to know where you fit in?


This is for you.

From the hearts of a couple ordinary dreamers who long to see all find true purpose in living. Two young people who now find themselves parents to three lovely children that are rapidly growing into incredible people that will change the world.


This site will introduce you to more than just “us”. As we continue to connect with others whose hearts are on fire in this quest, info about them (and you) will be found right on this site with links to their own materials. People who have had enough of status quo and are ready to see faith in action.


Join us,

Read on,

We’re bound to get into trouble, to shake things up. But isn’t that what The Way was all about when a man from Galilee first gathered others to his side?

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